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Who We Are:
ACHILE ZIBI - ☲ JUNIOR BILLIONAIRE is an independent company located in Bern, Switzerland.

Mr. Achille Zibi is independent from any alliance or cooperation agreement with third parties.

Important Legal Information:

ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE is a Swiss company and is subject to Swiss and international law.
We refer in particular to the Swiss Civil Code, the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Swiss Criminal Code.

Mr. Achille Zibi and his business partners involved in any ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE's Company are acting in Good Faith and in accordance of a Mutual Expression of Intent.

The ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE's Companies are not sponsored, endorsed, issued, sold or promoted
by The Swiss Confederation or any other government.

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The use of copyrighted material (audio, images or videos) is done for a limited and transformative purpose:
Fair Use "to promote the progress of science and useful arts.".

What We Do:

The Achille Zibi Business Model works 100%
Profit/Return = {(Application Fee • X) ÷ Bonus Rate} − Application Fee
© - Achille Zibi - This formula represents The Achille Zibi Business Model 1.2. All Rights Reserved.

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We offer a fast 50% profit opportunity to highly skilled and motivated sellers and investors.

This is the deal:

1) Open your personal account at
(cost: 100'000.- CHF / one hundred thousand Swiss Francs.)

2) Invite other people to open their personal accounts at
(I pay you 50'000.- CHF each time a new account is opened thanks to you.)

Risk: if you are not able to find new investors, you earn NO bonus.
Benefit: I pay you 50'000.- CHF each time a new account is opened thanks to you.

- Achille Zibi - ☲ Junior Billionaire

Achille Zibi - Founder & Chairman

I was born in Cameroon, Africa. My father has been a Governor in Cameroon in the 80's. I was sent in Switzerland with my mother as a kid. In Switzerland I've been offered the opportunity to study. I've always been told that I was intellectually gifted (one of my nick names is The Genius Boy). So it's like .. I've kind of always been aware of the fact that .. I was not an ordinary guy.

After it was obvious that I had to come out with a similar but more affordable offer. You know ? Some people are ready to invest one million .. some people are ready to invest one hundred thousand.

So now I'm brainstorming with Warren Buffett to find a dope name for my new company .. right ? And he is like "I will always bet on America.". So I'm thinking .., but that was not perfect from my point of view. So I did not buy it. And now Mark Zuckerberg joins the conversation like .. "Don't give all that power to a government. Just be who you are." So now I'm like .. sure .. Achille Zibi - Junior Billionaire. You know what I mean ?

The Li ☲ fire sign is simply .. me and Eve Jobs. We were talking one night .. and we came out with that idea for the logo together. Just like that .. fire.

The 50% deal has been highly recommended to me by Bill Gates. I was considering a 70% - 30% deal.
Bill Gates told me "Boy .. you had the idea. Believe me .. 50%! .. is perfect.". And I do agree because it reminds me of Be All Mine., which is luxury to me. - Achille Zibi - ☲ Junior Billionaire

Achille Zibi is the Sole Owner of Achille Zibi - ☲ Junior Billionaire
(Achille Zibi owns the 100% of Achille Zibi - ☲ Junior Billionaire).

Founded in 2019 by Achille Zibi.

By Achille Zibi
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